Mehmet Yildez

About Us

Two creative minds and a well-spring of talent, Chef Mehmet Yildiz and Architect-Designer Alicia Aboussie joined forces to launch Aya Sofia in October of 2005. Their collaboration has yielded the finest Turkish cuisine St. Louis has to offer. The menu features an array of contemporary Mediterranean dishes and classic Middle Eastern cuisine as well as authentic Turkish Entrees, some dating back to Ottoman times and the middle ages. Hot and cold meze, small plates that are perfect to share with that special someone, are also offered. There is a beautiful full-service bar, with an impressive list of internationally renowned wines, a variety of martinis, and domestic and imported beers. Decorated in warm colors and lush fabrics, this restaurant creates a luxurious atmosphere that will truly satisfy your senses. For romantic dining with an international flair, this upscale Turkish and Mediterranean destination restaurant is a must.

Aya Sofia

The name “Aya Sofia” comes from one of the world’s greatest architectural achievements. Aya Sofia was originally created as a Byzantine church. Aya Sofia was declared a museum in 1935 by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. The museum celebrates its unique role in Byzantine and Ottoman history, as well as its mesh of cultures and religion.

Turkish History

Turkey has an amazing blend of eastern and western cultures combined with ancient and modern influences. A country of many layers ... the Hittites, the Phrygians and Lydians, Cyrus and Alexander the Great, the Romans, early Christians, Islam, the Seljuks, the Crusaders, the Ottomans and the Turkish Republic… Turkey is a culture rich in art, dance, music, literature, poetry, architecture, and culinary excellence.